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Emotional and psychological abuse is the modern-day slavery. Many individuals find themselves bound by emotional shackles of abuse and childhood trauma which shows up as painful, depressing relationships.  The journey to let go the hurt, heal emotional wounds, silence the inner critic, boost self-esteem to realize one's potential and act with confidence and intentions can feel hard, painful and lonely leaving one feeling stuck and isolated. Emotional healing journey feels like a roller- coaster; it goes from feeling like you got this to feeling crushed, hopeless and ready to give up. does this sound familiar? 


emotional shackles

Emotional shackles

What are emotional shackles, how do they feel or look like?
  • Feeling like a fraud / not good enough.
  • Feeling deplete emotionally, spiritually and /or financially.
  • Showing up with a smile, ACT like you have it all together but drowning and hurting inside.
  • Unable to place a finger on the exact issue or find a solution.
  • Feeling stuck.
  • Negative self-talk.
  • Social anxiety.
  • The fear of the unknown.
Every person was created to thrive and live in abundance, however our environment, events, day to day experiences, cultural and social practices that we had up to the age of 14 years old can change the story from abundance to the pain of emotional shackles. This causes self-doubt, shame, guilt, and robs of the ability to think and act spontaneously, which makes one feel anxious and depressed. This turns a person into a chaser, a codependent, people pleaser, tolerating unhealthy or emotionally unavailable relationships and feeling not good enough and so stuck in life.
Operating in emotional shackles is painful and frustrating. a person operating on emotional shackles feels likehe/she is giving and doing everything but never getting the desired result. This person overcommits at work, with family, in relationships, and in every area of their life. It becomes very hard for this person to turn down any request in an effort of trying not to make anyone unhappy or avoiding to look bad. All this only turns a person into a door mat, a people pleaser, drained and resentful.  Majority of the time, those who are bound by emotional shackles don't have  a clue of being in a bondage, they can tell something is not right but are not able to place a finger on the exact issue. Some tend to think they are bound by generational curses. Emotional shackles are a result of  generational trauma.
Good news though is that the shackles can be broken! Acknowledged trauma can be healed.


**Every obstacle comes with a hidden opportunity****

Three steps to break emotional shackles 




Breaking free from emotional shackles comes in three steps. 

  • UNDERSTAND the bondage, the origin and how this affects every area of your life (body, mind and spirit) This step educates about emotional shackles which helps to understand childhood programing, limiting beliefs and the process to break free from the bondage to get where you want to be in life.

  • OVERCOME the challenges and struggles that shows up as a result of emotional shackles which includes but not limited to codependency, triggers, anxiety, negative self-talk (inner-critic), low self esteem, trauma bond, weak boundaries. Overcoming includes applying the process of unlearning the limiting beliefs, learning supporting beliefs and reprograming childhood programing that was installed in our early stages of life. Overcoming boosts self-esteem, silence the inner critic. (imposter syndrome) and attract healthy relationships. 

  • FLOURISH by effectively using the guidance, tools and resources, applying the process to our daily practices to get clarity, adopt healthy daily habits & activities to move to the desired step in life and to achieve desired results. 



"Thanks, Meg.

Information is Power. Eye Opener."

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